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Our men’s club is growing. Here’s why...


Let’s start with the course itself. It’s professionally designed, managed and maintained. It’s in excellent condition. The staff is the best. They are friendly and professional. We are proud to call Simi Hills our home course!


Our current and past board members care and are committed to the club. Since its origination the goal has been to provide an atmosphere of fun, competition, camaraderie, and helping improve the quality of everyone’s golf game. We continue to work at refining the original ideas and come up with new ones to enhance everyone’s enjoyment and love for the game.


We have a great group of members, but we still want to grow. The more participating members we have the larger the tournament participation potential. This means more and bigger tournament prizes and fresh ideas for the club! It is said that the best way to grow is from referrals. Remember to share with a friend your thoughts about ‘your’ club and invite them to join!


If you have more ideas about how to make our club better, I welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

Best Regard’s,


Asheesh Danee

Membership & Handicap Director
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